The Benefits Of Using E-Cigarettes Over Real Cigarettes

Cigarettes are very dangerous to health they can damage your organ and can be harmful to your dental health. When someone starts smoking they become addict to it and it is very difficult to quit smoking. Smoking has many side effects the bacteria caused due to smoking cause many problems such as infections and your mouth is not capable of fighting those infections because of the bacteria. Similarly, you can have short breaths because bacteria do not allow oxygen to enter your mouth.

If you want to quit smoking the best option is to switch to e-cigarette because e-cigarette does not contain tobacco and there is less risk of getting organ cancer. It is a small device that can keep in the pocket with pods to hold e juice and internal batteries. Some devices are large enough as the size of a tank with external batteries. There are many benefits of using e-cigarettes some of the advantages are mentioned below.

Improved Taste:

When you do smoking you cannot feel any taste of the things you eat. Because cigarette contains tobacco which has many chemical and harmful for health. When your quit smoking and start vaping the sense of taste develop again and you can again enjoy your meals.


The disadvantage of smoking is that it smells a lot the smell of cigarettes gives headaches to many. When a person smokes and passes away from you, you can easily judge that the person was smoking.  But vaping is quite opposite of the smoking.

It does not have any smell and it creates a vapour that is free of chemicals. It has no smell and you can use them in your rooms, cars, gatherings, and offices. Although vaping is also prohibited in some places you can only use vaping at the places where tobacco smoking is prohibited. Your hands, clothes, the breath will not smell like an astray.

No need for fire:

The E-cigarette does not require any flame such as a cigarette. For burning the cigarettes you need a matchbox, lighter, and astray tray to light your cigarette. But e-cigarette is quite opposite and you will not need any of these items to light your e-cigarette. As there is no fire involved there are no chances of burning holes in your clothes, carpets, and furniture.

E-cigarettes are very friendly and they work on rechargeable batteries you only charge the batteries once and can use the cigarette all day long. Unlike a cigarette, you can use an e-cigarette and put them back in your pocket, and use it whenever you want.


The cigarette is very harmful and one can become addicted to it. Once you light up a cigarette you have to finish the whole thing or leave it to burn out. But e-cigarettes are different you can take few puffs of them and put them back in your pocket. E-cigarette helps you to quit smoking.

From using e-cigarette the greater advantage is that at some stage you will be able to leave the habit of smoking and become a normal person. Cigarette habit is quite harmful and the person doing smoking becomes addicted and does smoking more than once a day. But e-cigarette you can take few puffs once a day.

Easy Breath and Circulation:

When you start smoking the bacteria starts to be born inside your mouth which causes many harmful effects on your dental health. The bacteria do not allow enough oxygen to enter your mouth and you cause the problem of short breath.

When you did not get enough oxygen it affects your lungs and damage them. The tobacco in cigarettes gives a tough time to your lungs the hydrogen cyanide in cigarettes does not allow your lungs to pump ordinarily. But E-cigarettes are quite opposite of cigarettes they do not contain toxins and hydrogen cyanide which helps your lungs to pump normally and recover easily.


E-cigarettes have many advantages as I have mentioned above. E-cigarettes are electronic devices they can use as e-liquids or e-juices. The process of inhaling e-cigarette is known as vaping.  E-cigarettes are often used by people who want to quit smoking.

It is very easy to use they are small pocket-sized e-cig devices that can be held in pockets and you can take few puffs of it. It is considered less harmful and healthier as compared to cigarettes. In terms of price, the e-cigarette is cheaper than a cigarette and they are affordable. They can be used anytime anywhere where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

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