Cyberpunk 2077: Things The Game Doesn't Tell You

Cyberpunk 2077: Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Cyberpunk 2077 is out and while they’re telling you what to do they tell you a lot but not everything we folks its falcon and today on game ranks Cyberpunk 2077 Tips & Tricks Native Gamer things the game doesn’t tell you.

Make Some Money

You’re going to want to make a lot of money in this game it might seem like the game throws a lot of weapons at you hand over fist at first at least and you can sell them for easy money but you’re going to run into a lot of expenses really quick especially if you try to rush through the main story there’s a few things you can do to make a lot of cash called eddies in the game and you can do it fast basically collect everything.

Corpses Collect

You can loot all the corpses collect the guns and pick up as much junk as you can carry most is worthless but there are places you can sell stuff all over the place and you’re never too far from one this is good because it doesn’t take much to fill up your inventory limit either to go along with that a really good way to get a lot of money is to do any crime reports you see all you have to do for these is neutralize all the criminals in the area and collect a shard for evidence you get paid a good amount for doing these things they’re all over the place and of course you can collect all of the loot when you’re done.

Make a lot of money

To make a lot of money early on you’re want to exploit these ncpd crime jobs like get a decent sniper rifle get the nerves of steel perk that increases headshot damage with the sniper rifle and find a good vantage point enemies struggle to deal with you at long ranges especially in the open world so use that weakness to take out enemies that are way stronger than you you will not be able to use any of the weapons they drop because they’ll be level gated but you can sell them for tons of cash do this for a while and you’ll have all the money you need to get all the upgrades you want at.


Hacking is really good like even if you don’t plan on focusing on hacking much it is still a great idea to try to hack stuff before and during any combat encounters first because hacking can be powerful even with a base cyber duck and os and second because any time you hack something successfully you get a decent amount of experience and that’s the main thing hacking is a good way to get more experience from an encounter with relatively little extra effort.

If you actually do want to be serious about hacking then be sure to buy a better os asap the base model you start with is okay but it’s fairly limited in terms of ram which affects the number of powers you can use there’s a good os you can get relatively early in the game it’s found at a ripper dog named dr chrome Watson for 15 000 while you’re wandering the city if you see any access points be sure you hack them as well if done correctly they can net you thousands of dollars easily especially if the advanced data-mine perk which increases the payout from hacking combine that with the extended network interface perk that automatically highlights access points and you’ll be able to get a lot of money fast at.

Spend Attribute Points

They don’t necessarily tell you this but when it comes to improving your stats there’s a really big tip that will save you a ton of time just save them for when you hit a point where you might need them like a skill check during a conversation and spend them there you don’t have to reload or anything you can just go into the menu and spread points mid-conversation and that is extremely handy of course if you don’t want to do that the main things you’re going to want to invest in our body which increases health and stamina & nativegamer technical ability which increases your armor level.

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