Best way to kill crabgrass

Best way to kill crabgrass

Once we start setting the lawn or garden the main thing we prefer is to decorate the ground with the grass. There is much best ground cover grass available in the market. But sometimes crabgrass grows in the garden and it spread fast and kills the beauty of the garden.

Weeds have a long life as they live for several years but the crabgrass survives only 1 year it has a short life span. Crabgrass was born in the warm season and also die in the same season. While they are alive they produce several seeds which they left behind when they die.

These seeds then again take birth in the next season and the cycle never ends. Once they started to grow it’s very difficult to stop them. So it’s better to prevent in the early stages so they there cycle never start.

Crabgrass preventer

So to get rid of the crabgrass the only solution is to use the crabgrass preventer. Use the solution in spring before the seeds start to grow. The herbicide works by creating a layer in the soil as soon as the seed generates it takes place in the herbicide and die.

These herbicides have a life span of 50 days only there are chances that the seeds can grow again so it is necessary to apply the herbicide again and again. No need to apply the herbicide on all the areas of your garden applies it only to the desired area where there are chances for crabgrass to grow. Wait for the best season and then apply the herbicide.

Apply the granules of the herbicide with the spreader and apply it on the driveways and sidewalks. First, look carefully at the ingredients and the instructions on the herbicide then apply it. If you make a mistake while applying you may destroy your lawn or garden.

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