5 Best Instagram Marketing Tricks for Online Business

Instagram is one of the most used applications with more than 5 million active users. Since its creation, Instagram has proved to be the most powerful application to share photos. In the beginning, this platform was only used to share photos, chat, and video calls. But with time many new features have been added to this application.

Most people are using this app to promote their online business. Instagram has a large number of influencers and followers. To get more followers you can use a lot of different techniques such as you can post relevant content to impress people so that they follow you. You can also buy followers from different sites but the disadvantage is most of these followers are bots, they are not real and they do not help you in your profile growth.

Before you get started with marketing on Instagram the first step is to switch your user account to a business account. The method is quite simple and easy. Go to the settings then account and switch to a professional account. Some of the best Instagram Marketing tricks for an online business are mentioned below.

Switch User Account to Business Account:

As I have mentioned earlier, switch your account to a business or creator account because you get a lot of different features by using a business account and you can easily do marketing on this account. The features that the business account provides are a call-to-action button on your profile, Instagram ads, Instagram shopping, and Instagram stats which are used to tell views and impressions on your post. IGViral is a leading Social media service provider in the UK you can also try this.

A business account provides you a lot of benefits and you can create your content. Another advantage of using the business account is that you create and publish Instagram ads using the Facebook tool.  If you have not converted your account to a business account yet, do it quickly and start your business.

Optimize Your Profile:

After you switch your account to a business account the next step is that you must optimize your profile to start marketing. Instagram bio leaves a strong impression on the viewer and user. You can write your bio in just 150 words in which you must promote your brand, blogs, and give reason to the people why they should follow your Instagram account instead of others.

Always try to tell positive aspects of your brand and your product. Now upload the profile picture, profile picture leaves a great impact on the viewer, and always try to post the picture related to your brand and product. There are many other fields in which you can showcase your brand.

In these fields, you must give some clues to the user so that it is easy for them to find you, such as giving the URL of your website so that the user can click on it and directly go to your website and give your contact information so that the users can contact you to purchase your product.

Give Product Images and Demo Videos:

Instagram is the platform where you can post different photos and videos. To post pictures on Instagram if you don’t have some professional photographs you can upload the photo of a product and make changes in that photo by using Instagram tools. Instagram is the best platform where you can advertise your product.

When you post the picture give strong content under that picture so that the viewers get excited and are forced to view your profile. Give photos from behind the scenes, use reels, and upload a video of the product while you are unboxing it so that the viewer gets the idea about the product.

Make Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags are the best way to increase your visibility on Instagram. When you give the post you can use 30 hashtags. The best thing is that you can use branded Instagram hashtags because they will catch the attention of the users. The advantage of using the branded hashtag is that every time the user will open that tag they will direct it to that brand.

This is the way of promoting different brands and you will get paid for the brand you are promoting. For example, if your brand has some hashtag and someone posts a photo using that tag it means your company is being promoted to followers.

Best Time Slots to Post:

Before posting anything on Instagram you must first look at your target audience. Find out the best time slots in which your target audience is active. Don’t post a lot on Instagram because if the followers will always see your post on their feed they will probably unfollow you. The best time to post is during the peak hours when your followers are online.

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