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NY Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Whether you travel by dragon, X-wing, Floo Powder , Stargate, rabbit hole, DeLorean, magic carpet, TARDIS, Oceanic Airlines…or NYC subway…this place is for you.

The purpose of the NY SciFi and Fantasy is to meet other fans and enjoy the culture of these great genres together, usually by watching TV series and movies.

You don’t have to be a huge fan of sci fi and fantasy to come.   You don’t have to be the person who has your DVR permanently set to the Syfy Channel, speak fluent Klingon, or have seen every single dragon movie ever made.   Although you certainly can be.

We are open to all fans—old fans, new fans, sci fi fans, fantasy fans , book fans, movie fans, comic book fans…you name it, and you will likely find someone in our group who shares your interests.  We try to vary themes to cover the spectrum of sci fi and fantasy and introduce others to movies and shows that they may not have been exposed to before.



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